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Bob Bartkus has over 28 years of Law Enforcement experience as a Police Officer and retired in 2009. As a Police Officer, he has spent several years assigned as a Narcotics Detective working in an undercover capacity. Bob has been assigned to an Auto Theft Task Force where he actively sought out occupied stolen vehicles.

Bob is a Firearms Instructor, Sub Gun Instructor, Police Rifle Instructor, and a Simunitions Instructor. He has been assigned to his Departments E.S.U. team and also the county's SWAT team. As a SWAT team member with over twelve years experience, Bob is the team leader for the Breachers and is responsible for their Mechanical, Thermal, Ballistic and Explosive Breaching training.

Bob takes pride in working with the Bomar Tactical Training Group to help make the best possible training for all Law Enforcement.

Charley Schmitt has over 17 years of Law Enforcement experience with the Sheriff's department in his county. He is assigned and instructs his departments Rapid Response Team.

Charley is a Firearms Instructor, Sub Gun Instructor, and a Field Training Officer for his Department. He is one of the founding members for his county's SWAT Team with over 16 years of experience. Being a respected member of the SWAT Team, Charley has been assigned to the Containment Team, Assault Team and is currently assigned to the Breaching Team.

Charley was one of the Team members who had been hand selected to assist in security for the Presidential Inauguration. Charley takes pride in helping others and is an asset to the Bomar Tactical Training Group.

Ken Hagemann started his career by joining the US Marine Corps and is a combat experienced Scout / Sniper. After finishing his active duty, Ken became a Corrections officer for a maximum security prison in New Jersey where he made the rank of Sergeant before transferring to a local municipality where he is currently a patrol Lieutenant.

Ken was assigned as a Narcotics Detective for over 6 years where he worked in an undercover capacity. Due to Kenís experience as a Marine Corps Sniper, he became a member of the County SWAT team where he is the Team Leader for the Sniper element. Ken has over 23 years as a sniper and due to his extensive training and experience he earned the position of Range-master for the county Police Academy where he trains Instructors and Recruits. Ken is a NJ Police Training Commission certified handgun, shotgun, sub-gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle and physical fitness instructor.

Bomar Tactical Training Group thanks Ken for bringing his valuable experience to our team which helps bring our training to the highest level.

Joseph Vitelli is a 25 year law enforcement veteran, retiring from the Union County Prosecutors Office in NJ, as a Captain in 2008. He worked for a city police department early in his career, which helped him round out his police experience. During his 25 years of law enforcement experience, he served in almost every position within the department.

Joe served as the Commander to the Narcotics Strike Force, the Auto Theft Task Force and Firearms Training for the Prosecutors Office. Joe is a founding member of the Union County S.W.A.T. Team. He moved up the ranks to Deputy Commander and was instrumental in developing this County team from the beginning stages, to what it is today, which is a 110-personnel Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

Joe is a certified firearms, sub-machine gun, assault rifle and shotgun instructor. He also has instructed Active Shooter Courses, as well as tactical team development and tactical operations. Prior to elevating to the S.W.A.T. Team Command Staff, Joe was a member of the sniper team and was crossed trained in hostage negotiations. Joe offers real world experiences handling crisis situations.

Bomar Tactical is proud to have Joe on the training staff. With his training, experience, dedication and knowledge he will continue the high level of training for Bomar Tactical in which he has dedicated his life to.

Patrick "Pat" Wagner has been a Police Officer for over 25 years with a Police Department in the South West. Pat is currently a field supervisor for his Department.

Pat is an aggressive officer that has been assigned to the Narcotics Unit as an Undercover Narcotics Detective for over 3 years. During this assignment Pat has dealt with Motorcycle Gangs along with a serious Methamphetamine problem in the community. He has been a S.W.A.T. Team Operator for over 15 years and has been the Team Leader for the last 5 years. Pat is a highly trained officer with advanced training in Active Shooter/Direct to threat tactics.

In addition to Pat's Law Enforcement experience, Pat has served 25 years in the military, 5 years in the army and 19 years in the Air Force National Guard. Pat has Military Weapons Training, Military Police and Chemical Weapons Training. He had been deployed with his unit to Iraq and has just returned from his tour in May of 2007.

Bomar Tactical is honored to have Pat on the training staff, as his training and real world experiences will help Bomar Tactical with the best training possible.


Doug Stoffer is a Police Officer for a local municipality in Union County New Jersey since 2000. Doug is assigned to the detective bureau in a special enforcement unit where he is detailed to the Auto Theft Task Force, which is a multi - county task force that actively seeks out felony vehicles. Doug has been on the Unuon county SWAT team since 2000 where he has been assigned to the Sniper element. Doug is also a Firearms Instructor, Assault Rifle Instructor and a Glock Armorer.

Doug is a very motivated instructor and takes pride in helping students develop their shooting skills and patrol tactics.

Bomar Tactical Training Group is pleased to have Doug as an instructor as he brings motivation and expert training skills to the Team.


Jose Pego is a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines. He has 6 years experience in the infantry field, consisting of multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He has multiple bilateral training with several foreign units.

Jose has served as an Infantry Team Leader and Squad Leader, as well as weapons instructor to include rifles, pistols, shotguns and foreign weapons. This includes military school certificates as well as over 20 civilian certifications which includes FBI Pistol Instructor Course. Jose speacializes in concealed handgun tactics and Marine Corps Martial Arts (lethal/non-lethal).

Bomar Tactical Training Group is honored to have Jose as an instructor as he brings his superior shooting skills to our Team.


jeff bush

Jeffrey Bush is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic Grade, and is an employee of Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. He has over 22 years experience in the Emergency Medical Field. In graduate school, he participated in numerous educational programs in Public Safety Planning and served an internship with the Toledo Metropolitan Council of Governments, Div of Public Safety. In 1992 he began working for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center in New Brunswick, NJ as a 911 Operator. He rose through the ranks as a BLS Provider and was certified as a Nationally Registered Paramedic in 1994.

Jeff holds the following Certifications: Nationally Registered Paramedic, State of NJ Certified Paramedic, US Dept of Defense Tactical Paramedic, State of NJ EMT instuctor, State of NJ Paramedic Instructor, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor, Incident Command System Instructor, US Dept of Homeland Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction, CBRNE Instructor and Responder, CPR Instructor, Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Certifications.

Jeff is the Tactical Medical Team Leader for the Union County Prosecutor's Office Emergency Response Team. He has lectured on many EMS related topics at a variety of national venues as well as for local EMS organizations.